Public Holidays Act, 1964


Public Holidays Act, 1964

Chapter 272

  • Commenced on 26 March 1964
  • [This is the version of this document at 31 December 1996.]
[Acts No. 14 of 1964; 59 of 1965; 23 of 1967; 50 of 1967; 33 of 1968; 14 of 1975; 12 of 1983; 23 of 1987; Government Notice 497 of 1964]An Act to make provision for public holidays; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Public Holidays Act.

2. Days in the Schedule to be public holidays

(1)The days mentioned in the Schedule shall be observed throughout Zambia as public holidays.
(2)Whenever any of the days mentioned in the Schedule falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be observed as a public holiday.
(3)Repealed by Act No. 14 of 1975.

3. Power to declare additional public holidays

The Minister shall have power, by statutory notice, from time to time to declare that any day or days shall be observed in Zambia as public holidays in addition to the days mentioned in the Schedule, and any day set apart by virtue of such notice as a public holiday shall be so observed throughout Zambia.

Schedule (Section 2)

Public holidays

(a)New Year's Day(b)Youth Day (12th March)(c)Good Friday(d)Holy Saturday(e)Lbour Day (1st May)(f)African Freedom Day (25th May)(g)Heroes Day (First Monday in July)(h)Unity Day (Tuesday following Heroes Day)(i)Farmers Day (First Monday in August)(j)Independence Day (24th October)(k)Christmas Day[As amended by Act No. 23 of 1987]
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History of this document

31 December 1996 this version
26 March 1964

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