Appropriation Act, 2020

Act 26 of 2020


Appropriation Act, 2020

Act 26 of 2020

An Act to authorise expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of monies required for the services of the Republic during the financial year ending 31st December 2021, not exceeding in the aggregate one hundred and nineteen billion, six hundred and sixteen million, eleven thousand, six hundred and fifteen kwacha.ENACTED by the Parliament of Zambia.

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Appropriation Act, 2020.

2. Appropriation

(1)On the authority of a warrant issued by the President, there may be expended from the general revenues of the Republic, monies, not exceeding in the aggregate one hundred and nineteen billion, six hundred and sixteen million, eleven thousand, six hundred and fifteen kwacha as may be required for the services of the Republic during the financial year ending on 31st December, 2021.
(2)The monies referred to in subsection (1) shall be appropriated to the services of the Republic specified in the second column of the Schedule in amounts not exceeding the amounts indicated in the third column of the Schedule.
(3)On the written authority of the Secretary to the Treasury, the amounts shown under the programmes in the Schedule, may be varied, except that the amounts appropriated to each programme in the Schedule shall not be altered by the variation.

Schedule (Section 2)

No. of HeadInstitution/ ProgrammeAppropriation Amount
01 State House 
/3425Presidential Advisory Services10,078,645
/3427Presidential Affairs and Initiatives13,649,630
/3499Management and Support Services53,560,082
02Office of the Vice-President 
/3428Government Business50,000,000
/3429Parliamentary Affairs3,074,564
/3430Resettlement Management2,259,470
/3499Management and Support Services15,566,858
03National Assembly 
/3400Legislation Enactment656,069,638
/3404Parliamentary Oversight57,538,229
/3405Parliamentary Representation66,511,857
/3417Parliamentary Budget Approval28,539,775
/3499Management and Support Services18,075,975
04Ministry of Gender 
/5519Gender Equity and Equality45,822,478
/5599Management and Support Services8,242,904
05Electoral Commission of Zambia 
/3431Elections Management600,963,031
/3499Management and Support Services67,775,667
06Civil Service Commission 
/4151Civil Service Human Resource Management1,835,983
/4152Governance and Standards2,305,222
/4199Management and Support Services6,483,304
07Office of the Auditor-General 
/3406External Audit and Assurance69,472,504
/3499Management and Support Services28,852,371
08Cabinet Office - Office of the President 
/3407Public Service Leadership4,057,143
/3408Public Service Management Development and Coordination28,928,805
/3409Policy Analysis and Coordination8,654,541
/3418State and Presidential Affairs222,965,267
/3419Remuneration Management5,999,376
/3499Management and Support Services32,841,711
09Teaching Service Commission - Office of the President 
/5520Teaching Service Human Resource Management5,129,963
/5599Management and Support Services2,574,851
10Zambia Police Service Commission 
/4119Human Resources and Management3,371,951
/4120Governance and Standards2,133,106
/4199Management and Support Services3,567,624
11Zambia Police 
/4121Crime Prevention and Policing Services902,583,703
/4122Crime Detection and Investigation Services284,493,417
/4123Police Technical and Specialised Services263,513,736
/4199Management and Support Services133,983,667
12Office of the Public Protector 
/4124Mal-administration redress services4,502,912
/4199Management and Support Services4,087,430
13Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs 
/3450Customary Governance72,174,731
/3499Management and Support Services39,168,311
14Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development 
/2108Mineral Resources Development and Management8,578,189
/2109Mines Safety Healthy Environment423,135,726
/2110Mines Development and Management14,163,646
/2138Mines Technical Services497,928
/2139Petroleum Exploration1,058,237
/2199Management and Support Services19,359,676
15Ministry of Home Affairs 
/4125Migration Services79,250,608
/4126Legal Identity, Civil Registration and Citizenship Services71,197,057
/4127National Archives Services7,322,341
/4128Societies Regulations and Standards1,154,558
/4129Internal Security Support Services20,823,145
/4199Management and Support Services44,475,759
16Drug Enforcement Commission 
/4130Drug and Psychotropic Substances Control59,394,131
/4131Anti-Money laundering8,057,852
/4199Management and Support Services22,117,489
17Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
/3435Foreign Policy6,719,685
/3436International Relations and Cooperation1,316,903,123
/3438Protocol and Consular Affairs2,830,711
/3459Central Technical Services2,812,683
/3499Management and Support Services17,606,784
/4132Adjudication services431,820,474
/4133Legal/Law Reporting1,000,000
/4134Judicial Enforcement2,402,342
/4199Management and Support Services75,797,749
19Disaster Management and Mitigation unit 
/5535Disaster Risk Management54,748,488
/5536Disaster and Humanitarian Operations Management8,938,435
/5599Management and Support Services7,003,371
21Loans and Investments 
/3439Financial Investment Management2,067,329,017
/3440Project Investment Management8,298,498,989
/3460Centralised Strategic Payments3,190,032,122
25Local Government Service Commission 
/5523Local Government Human Resource Management7,463,109
/5599Management and Support Services2,209,005
26Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services 
/3446Media Development, Standards and Regulation19,376,197
/3447Information Services and Management15,950,004
/3499Management and Support Services11,619,906
27Public Service Management Division 
/3442Human Resource Development1,431,355
/3443Human Resource Information and Planning9,172,479
/3444Human Resource Technical Services2,638,713
/3445Recruitment and Placement3,955,080
/3499Management and Support Services13,894,119
29Ministry of Local Government 
/5514Human Settlements Planning and Regulations3,862,879
/5524Local Governance1,444,165,286
/5526Municipal Infrastructure and Support Delivery28,504,935
/5599Management and Support Services17,988,765
30Zambia Correctional Services 
/4135Custodial Services262,574,639
/4136Rehabilitation Services40,862,283
/4137Social Reintegration17,709,410
/4156Correctional Services Training12,683,100
/4199Management and Support Services46,536,233
31Ministry of Justice 
/4138Legal Services286,446,896
/4139Good Governance and Human Rights28,455,273
/4199Management and Support Services14,435,912
32Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs 
/5446National Values, Principles and Guidance3,949,871
/5447Christian and Religious Affairs1,790,900
/5499Management and Support Services10,403,776
33Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry 
/2111Competition and Consumer Welfare72,771,160
/2112Standards and Quality Assurance72,368,055
/2113Industrial and Enterprise Development412,770,844
/2114Trade Facilitation, Promotion and Market Access60,884,805
/2199Management and Support Services20,230,268
34Human Rights Commission 
/4140Promotion and protection of Human Rights10,572,689
/4199Management and Support Services6,608,355
36Zambia Correctional Service Commission 
/4141Zambia Correctional Service Human Resource Management3,069,583
/4142Governance and Standards212,6
/4199Management and Support Services697,868
37Ministry of Finance 
/3420Economic Management52,914,158
/3421Fiscal Management966,925,439
/3422Public Financial Management1,834,459,448
/3423Internal Audit and Risk Management62,285,632
/3424Procurement and Stores Management59,739,004
/3499Management and Support Services1,127,827,667
38Ministry of National Development Planning 
/3412Socio-Economic Development Planning and Coordination764,184,756
/3413Monitoring and Evaluation6,190,334
/3499Management and Support Services9,132,157
39Smart Zambia Institute 
/3415Electronic Government15,490,523
/3416ICT Systems69,974,089
/3499Management and Support Services14,329,341
44Ministry of Labour and Social Security 
/2137Labour and Productivity Services13,142,263
/2138Social Security Services1,970,772
/213Occupational Safety and Health3,344,536
/2199Management and Support Services14,993,410
45Ministry of Community Development and Social Services 
/5451Social Assistance2,345,736,854
/5452Social Welfare42,331,222
/5453Community Development1,238,444,613
/5454Non-Governmental Regulation and Standards5,545,643
/5599Management and Support Services35,893,868
46Ministry of Health 
/5531Primary Health Services3,157,949,717
/5532Hospital Services5,103,602,377
/5533Central Technical Services423,966
/5534Human Resource Development120,943,443
/5599Management and Support Services847,719,496
51Ministry of Transport and Communication 
/2115Air, Road, Railway and Maritime Transport Development225,429,647
/2116Meteorological and Weather Services6,145,941
/2117Information Communication Technology (ICT) Development156,745,983
/2199Management and Support Services20,437,323
52Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection 
/2118Water Resource Management and Development58,779,253
/2119Water Supply and Sanitation1,961,805,107
/2120Environmental Management and Protection104,574,643
/2199Management and Support Services40,313,365
54Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development 
/2121Housing Development7,866,595
/2122Public Infrastructure Development182,579,618
/2199Management and Support Services22,520,601
62Ministry of Energy 
/2101Petroleum Development and Management4,597,286
/2102Electricity Development and Electrification Management802,738,011
/2103Renewable and Alternative Energy Development and Management6,005,900
/2104Energy Sector Standards and Regulation75,069,908
/2199Management and Support Services14,404,265
64Ministry of Works and Supply 
/2123Government Asset Management86,679
/2124Property Management Services7,325,892
/2125Government Printing Services15,780,819
/2126Pontoon Services14,989,126
/2199Management and Support Services21,714,818
65Ministry of Higher Education 
/5504University Education1,560,643,259
/5506Skills Development243,929,924
/5507Science, Technology and Innovation93,284,651
/5599Management and Support Services44,260,762
68Ministry of Tourism and Arts 
/2107Management and Support Services21,652,880
/2127Wildlife Conservation and Management168,004,243
/2128Tourism Development and Promotion67,722,140
/2129Management and Support Services43,235,171
76Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development 
/5511Youth Development143,368,393
/5512Child Welfare and Development4,020,424
/5513Sport Development and Management24,189,531
/5599Management and Support Services10,202,063
77Ministry of Defence 
/4143Land and Maritime Defence1,793,997,617
/4144Air Defence1,130,784,912
/4145Military National Service1,185,701,221
/4146Military Technical and Specialised Services62,797,477
/4199Management and Support Services171,539,493
78Zambia Security Intelligence Services - Office of the President 
/4154Specialised and Technical Services845,381,809
80Ministry of General Education 
/5501Early Childhood Education12,993,445
/5502Primary Education7,059,578,035
/5503Secondary Education2,545,502,948
/5505Youth and Adult Literacy2,492,950
/5599Management and Support Services864,686,758
85Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources 
/2105Land Administration and Regulation42,955,558
/2106Natural Resources Management136,157,645
/2199Management and Support Services38,780,090
86Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock 
/2130Livestock Production and Productivity Improvement204,446,768
/2131Fisheries Production and Productivity Improvement397,170,248
/2132Animal Health Services74,871,187
/2136Technical Services3,805,117
/2199Management and Support Services101,429,484
87Anti-Corruption Commission 
/4148Corruption Prevention and Education13,957,863
/4149Corruption Investigation and Prosecution34,840,489
/4199Management and Support Services23,989,391
88Muchinga Province 
/6101Community Development and Social Services9,769,228
/6102Natural Resource Management8,021,198
/6103Economic Development7,541,548
/6104Local Government Services1,917,036
/6199Management and Support Services24,329,364
89Ministry of Agriculture 
/2137Agriculture Development and Productivity6,076,403,321
/2138Agribusiness Development and Marketing74,864,149
/2139National Food Reserves Management592,757,094
/2140Agriculture Standards and Regulation18,823,395
/2199Management and Support Services446,954,836
90Lusaka Province 
/6105Community Development and Social Services14,014,848
/6106Natural Resource Management10,330,667
/6107Economic Development15,475,897
/6108Local Government Services2,731,058
/6199Management and Support Services36,057,244
91Copperbelt Province 
/6109Community Development and Social Services14,199,066
/6110Natural Resource Management12,304,901
/6111Economic Development11,250,449
/6112Local Government Services1,718,282
/6199Management and Support Services39,203,610
92Central Province 
/6113Community Development and Social Services14,449,949
/6114Natural Resource Management8,606,947
/6115Economic Development6,110,212
/6116Local Government Services3,221,142
/6199Management and Support Services44,824,093
93Northern Province 
/6117Community Development and Social Services13,144,501
/6118Natural Resource Management7,781,104
/6119Economic Development9,936,783
/6120Local Government Services1,522,701
/6199Management and Support Services38,004,149
94Western Province 
/6121Community Development and Social Services20,402,645
/6122Natural Resource Management13,537,915
/6123Economic Development11,643,027
/6124Local Government Services2,237,538
/6199Management and Support Services39,638,521
95Eastern Province 
/6125Community Development and Social Services15,614,886
/6126Natural Resource Management11,368,239
/6127Economic Development10,834,710
/6128Local Government Services1,767,399
/6199Management and Support Services32,244,305
96Luapula Province 
/6129Community Development and Social Services16,031,421
/6130Natural Resource Management11,508,846
/6131Economic Development12,527,042
/6132Local Government Services2,373,512
/6199Management and Support Services28,391,014
97North-Western Province 
/6133Community Development and Social Services13,859,262
/6134Natural Resource Management11,445,466
/6135Economic Development11,490,605
/6136Local Government Services1,700,268
/6199Management and Support Services29,394,076
98Southern Province 
/6117Community Development and Social Services21,427,250
/6118Natural Resource Management12,578,573
/6119Economic Development10,449,109
/6120Local Government Services2,205,272
/6199Management and Support Services34,875,777
99 Constitutional and Statutory Expenditure 
/3461Public Debt Service Management46,083,659,539
/3462Centralised Holding Vote1,597,457,637
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