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Zambia Government Gazette dated 2021-05-12 number 6997


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No. 6997] Lusaka, Wednesday, 12th May, 2021 [ Vol. LVIT, No. 48
Gazette Notice No. 498 or 2021 Gazette Notice No. 502 oF 2021 [6624416
Notice The Electoral Process Act, 2016
THE FOLLOWING Statutory Instrument is published as a Supplement (Act No. 35 of 2016)
to this Gazette: The Electoral Process (Registration of Voters) Regulations,
Statutory Instrument No. 39 of 2021: The Electoral Process
Act, 2016: The Electoral Process (General) (Amendment) CERTIFICATION OF REGISTRAR OF VOTERS
Regulations, 2021 Pursuant to Regulation 26 of the Electoral Process (Registration
of Voters) Regulations, 202:
Statutory Instrument No. 40 of 2021: The Electoral Process Notice is hereby given that the:
Act, 2016 — Electoral Process (General Election)
(a) Certification of polling districts listed in the Register
(Election Date and Time of Poll) Order, 2021
of Voters has been completed; and
K.P. NsHinpano, (b) Register of Voters certified on the 9th May, 2021
Lusaka Chief Electoral Officer, replaces all registers of voters previously prepared in
12th May, 2021 Electoral Commission of Zambia, respect of the polling districts listed in the said Register
[Ec. 101/5/6 coMF of Voters.
Gazette Notice No. 499 or 2021 P. O. Box 32020 Chief Electoral Officer,
LUSAKA Electoral Commission of Zambia
Notice 11th May, 2021
THE FOLLOWING Statutory Instrument is published as a Supplement
to this Gazette: GazeTTE Notice No. 503 oF 2021 [6624416
Statutory Instrument No. 41 of 2021: The Technical Education, Criminal Procedure Code
Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Act , 1998 — (Cap. 88 of the Laws of Zambia)
The Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Appointment of Public Prosecutors
Training (Establishment of Institutions and Constitution
In Exercise OF powers conferred upon in Section 86(1) of the
of Management Boards) (Amendment) Regulations, 2021
Criminal Procedure Code Cap. 88 of the Laws of Zambia:
K. SIAME, David Mukuka Chileshe
LusaKA Permanent Secretary, is hereby appointed to be Public Prosecutor in all Districts of the
12th May, 2021 Ministry of Higher Education, Republic of Zambia in relation to all offences under the Tolls Act
[moue.64/9/1] No. 14 of 2011 and any other relevant legislation of the Laws of
Gazette Notice No. 500 or 2021
Dated at Lusaka this 29th day of Aprii, 2021.
Notice EL. Suawa - Styunyl,
THE FOLLOWING Statutory Instrument is published as a Supplement Director of Public Prosecutors
to this Gazette: Lusaka
GazettE Notice No. 504 or 2021 [6624199
Statutory Instrument No. 42 of 2021: Energy Regulation Act,
2019 : Energy Regulation (General) Regulations, 2021
The Lands and Deeds Registry Act
Lusaka (Chapter 185 of the Laws of Zambia)
12th May, 2021 Ministry of Energy, (Section 56)
[mMoe.64/9/1 Notice of Intention to Issue a Duplicate Certificate of Title
FOURTEEN bays after the publication of this notice, I intend to
Gazette Notice No. 501 oF 2021 issue Certificate of title No. 58807 in the names of Industrial Re-
alty Zambia Limited. In respect of property No. LUS/20501 in
extent of 0.1000 hectares in Lusaka Province of the Republic of
THE FOLLOWING Statutory Instrument is published as a Supplement Zambia.
to this Gazette: All persons having any objections to the issuance of the dupli-
cate certificate of title are hereby required to lodge the same in
Statutory Instrument No. 43 of 2021: The Customs and Excise writing with the registrar of Lands and Deeds Registry within four-
Act — The Customs and Excise (Suspension) (Fuel) teen days from the date of publication of this notice.
(No.2) Regulations, 2021
LusaKA Permanent Secretary, P. O. Box 30069 Lands and Deeds
11th May, 2021 Lusaka
Printed and Published by the Government Printer, P.O. Box 30136, 10101 Lusaka