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Zambia Government Gazette dated 2022-04-01 number 7113


Price: K1&.00 net
Published by Authority Annual Subscription: —K400.06

No. 7113] Lusaka, Friday, Ist April, 2022 iVel. LVIE, No. 37

peo eee [0484747
Gazette Notice No. 560 of 2022
The Piant Breeder's Act
Act No. 18 of 2007
(Section 21)

' Notice
following PLANT
Norice 1g HEREBY GIVEN thal, any person who has grounds to object 10 the acceptance of an application for the
in writing to the Registrar. Plant Breeder's
BREEDER’S RIGHT(S) may, within 60 days of the date of publication hereof, file an objcction
Rights Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Seed Control and Certification Instiuute.
BF. Mirt (PiD.),
P.O, Box 350199
Chilanga, Plant Breeder s Right Office
LusaKA Seed Control and Certification Institute

Name of Applicant: Fall Creek Farm & Nursery Ine. Local Agent: Howard & Marietta of Stand 8235 Nangwenya Road,
P/Bag RW175X, Lusaka, Zambia

Address: 39318 Jasper- Lowell Road, Lowell Oregon Species: Faccinium corymbosum L
97452, United States of America
Plant Fariety Denomination: FCM 14-031 Common name: Blueberry

Application Number: BLU 210312 Date of Receipt: 10th November, 2021

Particulars of distinguishable characteristics as prescribed in the Variety Description Report following the
UPGOV Test Guidelines

Ne. Characteristics States of Expression Note Remarks

01 Plant: growih habit Semi- upright 2

02 Fruit: colour of skin (after removal of bloom) Bark Blue 3

03 Plant: Fruiting Type On one year old and current season’s snoots 2
04 Time of beginning of flowering on one year old Medium 5
05 Only varieties which fruit on one year old and Medium 5
current season's shoots: Time of beginning of
flowering on current year’s shoot
06 Time of beginning of fruit ripening on one year Medium 5
old shoot
07 Only varieties which fruit on one year old and Medium 5
current season's shoots: Fime of beginning of
fruit ripening on current year’s shoot
Similar varieties and differences from these varieties

Denaminaiion of Characteristics in which the State of expression State of expression of
similar variety similar variety is different of similar variety candidaie variety {Fh CM 14-031)

Biloxi Fruit size Small ta medium Medium to large
Biloxi Fruit cotor Light blue Medium dark
JupiterBlue Production time Early Mid season

Distinciness, Uniformity and Stability testing being conducted through (he Comunainity Plant Variety Office (CPVO),