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Zambia Government Gazette dated 2022-09-23 number 7175


Price: K10.00 net
Annual Subscription: Within Lusaka—K300.00
Published by Authority Outside Lusaka—K350.00

No. 7175] Lusaka, Friday, 23rd September, 2022 [Vol. LVIII No.102

GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 1412 OF 2022 [0562379
The Energy Regulation Act
(Act No. 12 of 2019)
Notice of Intention to Issue Licenses
MEMBERS of the General Public are hereby informed that the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) intends to issue Licences to the under-
listed Applicants, fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice in accordance with the provisions of the Energy Regulation Act No. 12
of 2019.
Any one objecting to the issuance of any of such Licences whether on personal, environmental or other grounds may do so by filing
a written objection within fourteen (14) days of the publication of this notice as stipulated under Section 10 of the Energy Regulation Act
as read with the Energy Regulation (General) Regulations 2021 Statutory Instrument No. 42 of 2021. The objector must provide their
physical address and contact details. The written objection must be addressed to:
P.O. BOX 37631 Energy Regulation Board

No. Applicant Address and Name of Shareholders Name of Directors/ Directors Type of Licence
Location /Sole Traders Sole Traders Interest in other
1. Sedak 24, Cedar 1. Kabombo Mukamba 1. Kabombo Mukamba None Distribute,
Zambia Road, (Zambian) (Zambian) Import and
Limited Woodlands, 2. Esther Banda 2. Esther Banda Export
Lusaka (Zambian) (Zambian) Petroleum
2. Ultraenergies Plot No. 1. Kalungu Alice 1. Kalungu Alice None Distribute,
Zambia 38509A, (Zambian) (Zambian) Import and
Limited off Twin 2. Kekana Willam 2. Kekana William Export
Palm Road, (South African) (South African) Petroleum
Ibex Hill, 3. Kaswaya 3. Kaswaya products
Lusaka Munakumpande Munakumpande
(Zambian) (Zambian)
3. First Fuel Plot No. 1. Jenel Ramesh 1. Jenel Ramesh None Distribute,
Limited 7236 Njolwe Patel (Zambian) Patel (Zambian) Import and
Road, Light 2. Ramesh Lallubhai 2. Ramesh Lallubhai Export
Industrial Patel (Zambian) Patel (Zambian) Petroleum
Area, Lusaka 3. Chancellor Investment products
Management Limited
(Business Entity)
4. Kuunikira Plot No. 1. Aubrey Muyeke 1. Aubrey Muyeke
Energy 31, Zambezi Chibumba (Zambian) Chibumba
Limited Road, Roma, 2. Sajjadhusain Zuber (Zambian)
Lusaka Maliiwala (Indian) 2. Sajjadhusain Zuber None Distribute,
Maliiwala (Indian) Import and